Asset Management


HRI’s approach to asset management includes a comprehensive strategy to ensure the long term financial and physical health of our portfolio with a commitment to sustainability, mission and our resident community.

HRI believes that asset management spans many disciplines including development, operations, finance, project management and resident services.  This comprehensive approach allows for exceptional collaboration and the leveraging of various expertise, with an eye towards maximizing economic value to further our mission of providing high quality, energy efficient, and safe affordable housing.  

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HRI recognizes the highly competitive environment for multi-family affordable housing funding resources.  Additionally, the unpredictable nature of ongoing federal, state and local programs has driven our focus on strategic planning, ensuring that we can continue to provide high quality affordable housing and minimize our reliance on scare public resources.

HRI continues to be a national leader in affordable housing development and is proud of its exceptional track record of progressive, innovative, sustainable and sophisticated asset management.