Home Improvement Program

Need help rehabbing your home? Homeowner's Rehab can help!

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In order to aid Cambridge residents in preserving and stabilizing their status as homeowners, HRI operates a Home Improvement Program (HIP). Financial and technical assistance is offered to homeowners who wish to make improvements to their homes. More than 500 units have been renovated for low- and moderate-income homeowners, thereby stabilizing the community and residency of these households.

Program information forms for HIP services are available online and at the HRI office. The applicant must supply information on his or her financial status and provide homeownership documentation. A staff person will assist in completing the application form. If an applicant for the HIP program is approved, HRI will provide the following services:

  • Inspect the home
  • Prioritize with the applicant the work needed
  • Determine applicant eligibility and what assistance is available for the work needed
  • Prepare, for approval of the applicant, a list of repairs to be done
  • Prepare necessary bid documents
  • Assist with contractor selection
  • Arrange for loan closing
  • Make periodic inspections of the work as it progresses
  • Process payments for contractors

Click here for a video on HRI’s Home Improvement Program featured on Cambridge Community Television.